EnviroMart Industries Profile

EnviroMart Industries was founded in 1994 providing DOT/UN approved waste packaging products exhibiting the HazPack brand to meet the EPA's mandate for regulated waste packaging.

EnviroMart Industries has evolved into a global provider of environmental control products and solutions meeting the needs of a wide range of industries and markets including oil and gas, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical, utilities and municipalities.

The company's synergistic products are sold through its various business units, providing hazardous and non-hazardous waste packaging, industrial container, spill control, and detection solutions that contribute to the safety and security of our environment.

Mission Statement

EnviroMart Industries' mission is to maintain our commitment to our customers by providing compliant, industry leading and innovative products, to be responsible by contributing back to the environment we utilize resources from, and provide sustainable solutions to environmental and industrial needs.

Core Competencies

The EnviroMart Commitment


All of us at EnviroMart Industries are highly motivated to provide our valued customers with exceptional service. We constantly strive to improve our operations in an effort to make it easy to do business with us.

Whether it's investing in improved customer relationship management (CRM) systems or training and motivating our employees we are constantly tailoring ourselves to ensure that our customers experience unparalleled service.


Providing you with best-in-class quality products is critical to not only your success, but ours. Only after thorough research and due diligence do we offer a product to our customer that meets their environmental waste requirements and compliance needs. For example, the disposal of hazardous waste requires UN and DOT Certified Containers. That's why you will find these certifications on many EnviroMart products.

At EnviroMart Industries we understand that one solution doesn't fit all. Only after a product meets our quality assurance requirements, will we offer them to you, our valued customer.


By combining unparalleled service with high-quality products we can deliver the value added that our customers have come to expect from us - and we expect from ourselves. We wouldn't want it any other way. In fact, EnviroMart Industries' values are embedded deep into its culture, providing the cornerstone that differentiates us from its competitors.


UN/DOT Certified   •   performance Oriented packaging   •   best-in-Class